Legacy Instructors


Our team of instructors is comprised of well-known and highly regarded professional musicians. Come and learn from an expert in the comfort of our private studios.

Doug MacLean – Instructor and Luthier

Doug MacLeanDoug began his lifelong pursuit and passion for music in Medicine Hat Alberta. Led Zeppelin had just released a new album and Doug wanted to rock a guitar just like Jimmy Page. But he wanted to go the best route possible so he and a school pal signed up for classical guitar lessons at the Medicine Hat College under William Frank, a student of Aaron Shearer. Aaron Shearer taught at the Peabody Institute of Music in Baltimore Maryland, who’s list of former students includes Manuel Barrueco, Ricardo Cobo, David Tanenbaum, and David Starobin.

Though Doug’s goal was rock ‘n roll, he fell in love with classical music and the classical guitar specifically. He changed his goal to that of becoming a concert guitarist. Doug had some limited success with that but over the years stared to turn to other genres of music. He now considers himself mainly a fingerstyle guitarist.

Doug has been playing guitar for 40 years now. He has worked with other instruments as well such as resonophonic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bass guitar, violin, and piano.

Doug teaches mandolin, and ukulele, but his main teaching focus is the guitar.

Doug lives in Calgary for the time being but hopes to move to Cochrane soon as he loves it.

A couple of years ago he spent a year on Vancouver Island learning the trade of Lutherie, or the art and craft of building guitars. Building on this lifelong passion he has started a business repairing and building guitars. He is also and getting back into the music ‘scene’ playing at coffee houses, open stages and jams, and as part of a duo with his partner called ‘Donica’. He is also in a gypsy jazz quartet new to Calgary called ‘Caravana’, playing in the style of the great Django Rheinhardt.

Over the years Doug has studied, taught, and performed guitar in various genres such as classical, gospel, bluegrass, blues, rock and roll, jazz and swing. He has studied music and participated in master classes and seminars with great performers and teachers such as classical guitarist David Russell, Scottish fingerstyle guitarist, Tony McManus, and the great Canadian jazz guitarist Bill Coon.

Patrick Zelinski – Instructor

Patrick Zelinski has been a musician nearly his entire life. He started playing music at an early age, with ten years of piano lessons starting from preschool and picked up the guitar in high school. Patrick came to Calgary to broaden his musical education, receiving targeted instruction in classical, jazz, and rock guitar, and has gained teaching experience at a number of local studios, helping over one hundred students learn guitar and music theory.

Being an accomplished musician and experienced teacher, Patrick is able to create a learning environment tailored to his students, encouraging improvisation and creativity to beginners as well as experienced guitarists.

Besides teaching, Patrick is also involved in performing with his band, Arcadian Sons, and a number of other musical projects. He is also connected with Arts Cochrane, and has taught guitar to local students and students from the Calgary area.

Emily Wallace – Instructor

Emily Wallace has been playing the piano for nearly 15 years and is aiming to take her grade 10 Royal Conservatory Exam in 2015. She has completed her grade 6 Royal Conservatory in the past, as well as her grade 8 under Canada Conservatory. She has completed Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Theory Rudiments as well as Music History 1. She loves the piano and plays both Classical as well as contemporary styles. She is able to teach beginner Classical students as well as students who wish to learn chord chart reading for contemporary music.


Alicia Hein – Instructor

Alicia Hein

Alicia Hein is passionate about music. She started playing the piano when she was six years old, and has been at it for almost 20 years! She took Grade 8 classical piano and plays by ear as well. She plays basic guitar and has been a part of numerous vocal groups, specializing in harmony. She has led contemporary music bands in churches for the last ten years, and is fluent in contemporary chord chart reading, as well as traditional written music. She teaches both beginner classical piano and contemporary rhythms through chord charts. She enjoys working with children and adults of all ages, and is passionate about passing on her love of music to others!

Jarred Albright – Instructor

Jarred Albright is a newly-returned Calgarian musician. He has played the violin since he was seven years old and music has been his focus since then. His musical journey began on violin but has led him to pursue mandolin, guitar and vocals along the way as well. He started off playing classical music but quickly switched to the fiddle style learning Celtic, folk, old-tyme, and bluegrass before entering post-secondary and pursuing jazz performance there. His experience has made him a sought after musician in a diverse array of scenes. Music has taken him around the world including the United States, South Korea, Scotland, England, and Ireland. These days Jarred keeps busy teaching lessons, writing and performing as much as he can.